We're a Versatile Job Shop

W.I.T. - "Whatever it Takes" Machining

What separates Neil's machining from other machine shops in the Ventura/Oxnard area? When it comes to customer service, Neil's philosophy is W.I.T. - Whatever it Takes.

We're not just a cookie cutter shop. We are a full service machine shop, ready to help you through all stages of the process:

  • Drafting, modeling and programming
  • Creative custom parts design and consulting
  • Precision rapid prototyping
  • Specializing in fixture design
  • Full inspection capabilities
  • Finishing/outside processing
  • Reverse engineering is not a problem

When you're outsourcing your parts, you need a shop staffed by real human beings who know how to use their brains and solve problems. We don't have policies and contracts outlining what we can and can't do. Our policy is simply Whatever it Takes!

Need more parts added to your order at the last minute? We'll stay late and get it done. Need to make changes to the design? Need us to help with drafting and modeling? No problem. Need parts made and lost the drawings? No problem - we'll reverse engineer it from a sample - or even a photo.

And when we say whatever it takes, we mean whatever it takes - no excuses, no finger pointing, no "the dog ate the drawings" - when you talk to us, you'll never hear reasons why we can't get you your parts on time. We'll do everything imaginable to make sure that, when you place an order with us, you see a truck pull into your receiving dock, carrying the right parts when you need them.

Special Tools

At Neil's Machining we think outside the box, constantly looking for new ways to manufacture your parts more efficiently.

One of our techniques is to use a custom tool to perform an operation that usually requires multiple tools. For example, for a job that requires us to drill with a smaller bore size at the end, we use a single tool with a smaller diameter at the tip (custom ground by Channel Islands Tools). Instead of using a drill, end and chamfer (3 tools) we use 1 tool and get the job done faster.