We Make Parts Fast!

There are plenty of machine shops in Ventura. What separates us from the rest is that we make parts Fast.

Our turnaround time is absolutely insane! No matter how fast you need your parts, we can always find a way. Whether you need your order filled in a week, in three days, in two days, or overnight, we can do it. We've even turned parts around the same day! Whatever you need machined - any size, any shape, any material - you can bet on us being the fastest in town.

You see, we're serious about machining here. It's what we live for. It keeps the blood pumping through our veins. We work 3 shifts - days, nights and weekends - to make sure we're able to do what it takes to get your parts onto a pallet and out the door on time. We're not ready to call it a week until we've left a pile of shredded scrap metal big enough to create one or two more jobs at the recycling plant on Monday.

We work late, too. When other machine shops are shutting down for the day, you can count on us being here - making your parts. When they're heading home for dinner, our mills are up and running. We simply don't stop working until your parts are done. Give us your next order and you'll see what we mean.

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