About Neil's Machining, Inc.

Neil's Machining (Ventura County) is a family owned and operated machine shop, offering fast, reliable, British-quality machining to businesses looking to outsource their parts.

About Neil

If you talk to someone who knows Machining, they'll tell you that a British Machinist is the real deal.

That's because, in England, they don't let just anyone run a machine shop. A career in machining starts with a rigorous training program known as an apprenticeship - a 5-year commitment that combines academic studies and hand-on experience in a real-world shop - under the supervision of a master machinist. Only those candidates who possess the highest level of dedication and are able to consistently prove their worth are able to complete their apprenticeship to become a qualified British Machinist.

Neil started his career in 1978 with an apprenticeship at NEI Reyrolle in Newcastle, England where he mastered his trade by learning to machine parts for nuclear power station protection equipment. As you can imagine, parts for this type of equipment must be held to very tight tolerances. Neil proved that he had what it took to be a British Machinist and graduated from the program after 5 years, being awarded "Apprentice of the Year" his final year - out of a class of 55 machinists.

After completing his apprenticeship, Neil moved on to work 1 year in Holland and 6 years in Israel working for a conglomerate known as Tadiran, manufacturing components for military electronic equipment.

Neil moved to the US in 1991, first working for Haas Automation in Oxnard, CA, where he was handed the responsibility of the initial setup of a then-new type of manufacturing system known as an FMS (Flexible Manufacturing System). This system, which Neil fixtured, tooled and programmed for Haas, was the first FMS ever installed and operated in the United States.

Moving on to Vortech Engineering (Oxnard, CA) in 2000, Neil was handed a brand-new (empty) 10,000-square-foot facility that needed to be turned into a machine shop to manufacture parts for high-speed, aerospace-grade turbomachinery products. The result was a fully-modernized machining facility including advanced equipment such as two Makino A77 Horizontal Machining Centers with a 20-pallet FMS system, and a full line of Hitachi lathes with multiple axis and robots to load and unload parts.

Neil's Machine Shop, Ventura, CA

2006 - Our First Shop

In 2006, Neil decided to take matters into his own hands and get down and dirty with his own shop, and founded Neil's Machining in Ventura, CA. Neil was originally planning to name his shop "WIT Engineering" (Whatever it Takes), but the word was already out about "Neil's Machining" so the name stuck.

Mills at Neil's Machining

2012-2017 - Oxnard Shop

In 2012 we moved to a building in Oxnard, CA, by the 101 off of Rose Ave. (map). The additional space allowed us to increase production and run our shop more efficiently.